week 6

Closing Words and Thoughts

Mantra Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Meaning: May all beings everywhere be happy and free This mantra is taken from the final line of the Mangala Mantra, found in the oldest yogic text in Indo-Iranian culture, the Rig Veda, dated to approx. 1700-1100 BCE. Page 50 A Little Bit of Mantras – Lilly Cushman   The …

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Week 6 Questions

How have you responded to the feeling of joy this week? Did you complete week 5 exercise? How do you feel about the humming exercise? Review your answer to the week 1 question ‘What would you like to take away from this practice or leave behind?’ How do you feel about your answer this week? …

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Week 6 Aims

Introduce integrating iRest into every day life Complete iRest meditation / yoga nidra

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