week 5

Week 5 Exercises

Time: 15 minutes Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Set a timer for 5 minutes and hum. Breath in and on the exhale hum. Hum at any pitch you like. You might like to try different pitches, high or low. You can hum gently. Feel the vibration from the hum. Imagine the vibration …

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The Feeling of Joy

Searching for Something. For most people joy, happiness, peace, well-being, and equanimity are relative experiences, coming and going, depending upon the changing conditions of life. Changing conditions may include our state of health, family, interpersonal and professional relationships, job and other life-related circumstances. We are taught that joy is dependent upon our possession of some …

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Week 5 Questions

How have you become more aware of your cognitions this week? Did you complete week 4 exercise opposite of cognitions throughout the week? Have you noticed a change in how you view your thoughts?

Week 5 Aims

Introduce joy/equanimity/sense of OK-ness Week 5 exercise Complete iRest meditation / yoga nidra

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