week 4

Week 4 Exercises

Beliefs: Choose a core belief that holds meaning for you. Then, choose its opposite. Belief 1 and its opposite Belief 2 and its opposite   Imagery: Choose an image that holds meaning for you. Then, choose its opposite. Image 1 and its opposite Image 2 and its opposite   Core Aspect of Essential Nature: Choose …

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Foundation Practices

Meeting, Greeting, Welcoming and Proactively Engaging Sensations, Emotions, and Cognitions 1. Noting Welcome what is arising (sensation, emotion, thought, belief, image, memory) Where/how do you experience this in your body? Peel off the conceptual label Be with it non-verbally, non-conceptually, as sensation Note if the emotion has a texture, color, age, etc. that co-arises with …

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Identifying Opposites of Cognition

Choose a belief that feels significant for you. You may select from the examples below if you like. Write down the belief and its opposite, and the feeling associated with each. Use this in the iRest practice. Thought or Belief: Feeling or emotion of this thought or belief: Opposite Thought or Belief: Feeling or emotion …

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Week 4 Questions

How have you become more aware of your sankalpa and it’s 3 components? Have any of the elements changed? Have you noticed any particular emotions or feelings arise over the last week and have you tried to work with the opposites? Have you used your inner resource this week? Continue to note down your thoughts …

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Week 4 Aims

Introduce opposites of beliefs (thoughts, images, memories) Foundation practices Week 4 exercise Complete iRest meditation / yoga nidra

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