Week 2

Identify Your Intention

Your Heartfelt Desire is supported by your Intention(s), which are fulfilled through specific commitments and agreements with yourself. Your Heartfelt Desire, Intention(s), commitments, and agreements line up together to nourish positive ends that create a virtuous, effective and happy life. Intentions for your practice might be such things as: To reduce stress For health or …

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Introducing Breath Sensing

What is BreathSensing? BreathSensing is a form of mindfulness training that helps you become aware of how your body is breathing. BreathSensing also makes you aware of movements of sensation and energy that are coursing through your body and sensitizes you to the deeper “messengers” of information your body and mind are relaying to you. …

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Identify Your Heartfelt Desire

Your Heartfelt Desire is the feeling of life living you. It’s also the spontaneous vow that arises from life itself, that upholds and supports your deepest truth and universal law. Your Heartfelt Desire is the highest order by which you live your life. It is based on natural law and the natural order of things. …

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Week 2 Exercise

Choose a word that links to your inner resource. Breathe in and repeat that word and feel the effect of the word. Breathe out and repeat the word and feel the effect of the word. Repeat this along as you need to. Perhaps aiming for 10 breaths to start with.

Week 2 Questions

How have you responded to challenges in your life over the last week? Did you notice any negative, self-critical thoughts and self-talk? Have you used your inner resource this week?

Week 2 Aims

Introduce Intention and Heartfelt Desire Introduce breath sensing iRest meditation / yoga nidra

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