week 1

Week 1 Aims

The benefits of meditation Loving-kindness meditation Introduce Basic Core concepts of iRest® Introduce Body Sensing Develop Inner Resource Complete iRest meditation / yoga nidra

Week 1 Questions

What would you like to take away from this practice or leave behind? On a scale of 1-10 how do you feel your resilience is at the moment? What do you tools/techniques do you currently use to feel resilient? How do you respond to challenges in your life?

The Benefits of Meditation

The Mental Gym “What if we could exercise our minds like we exercise our bodies?” Neuroplasticity – the shaping of the brain by repeated experiences – goes on unwittingly throughout our days, though we are typically unaware of these forces. We spend long hours ingesting what’s on the screen of our digital devices, or in …

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Loving-Kindness Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position Perhaps closing your eyes and start to feel a sense of kindness and tenderness to yourself. Read these words to yourself or out loud: May I be happy May I be healthy May I be free from suffering May I know and experience the freedom of truth, peace and joy …

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The Steps of iRest®

While resting at ease, iRest guides you through a series of inquiries inviting you to welcome opposites of sensation, breath, emotions, beliefs, images, and memories that naturally arise within your awareness. As you engage in each experience, you proactively explore actions you can responsively take with respect to what you are experiencing. You also experience …

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Identifying Your Inner Resource

Your Inner Resource provides you with an internalised felt-sense that you can return to at a moment’s notice—an inner sanctuary, safe-haven or internalised space of unchanging and unbreakable well-being, restful stillness, peace, serenity, safety, security, groundedness, relaxation, ease and equanimity. Your Inner Resource is unique and something that you forever draw strength and solace from. …

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Body Sensing

What is BodySensing? During BodySensing, you rotate your attention throughout your physical body and observe physical sensations that are present. In some places, you may feel comfort or pleasure, in other places you may feel discomfort or pain, while in other areas of the body you may feel nothing at all. During BodySensing, as in …

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Week 1 Exercises

Exercise/questions to be aware of over the next week: Try to be more aware of any negative, self-critical thoughts and self-talk. See that these are just thoughts, constructs, and interpretations; they are representations and not actual facts. Explore ways in which you can reframe negative judgements with more compassionate ones. Page 179 A Fearless Heart …

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