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Help! We’re on fire!

Imagine your house is on fire, you would want to get out of there as quickly as possible and save your loved ones. No doubt you would then try and extinguish the fire to save as much of your house and belongings as possible. I’ve never been in a house fire, but have seen a couple and it just seems like such a devastating situation to be in.

Right now it seems Earth is on fire, and yet for most people it seems to be out of mind and therefore out of sight! Is it out of mind or have we just become immune to such disaster stories? Are we all suffering from environmental overload?


When Notre Dame burned many people mourned its loss. How tragic that a building so old, 856 years, would be gone, but yet funds were pledged to help rebuild this iconic building. Perhaps it is the stories and the number of people that have visited it, that makes it so real.

So why then is it that the something 55 million years old doesn’t receive the same support, financially and emotionally? Perhaps there is this disconnect, that not as many people have visited the rainforest as Notre Dame, therefore it doesn’t seem quite as real to them? Is it because it’s so far away to see the immediate impact?

In Siberia this year 21,000 square miles have been burned, that’s the equivalent of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Devon. And yet this is another example where it seems to have passed people by. Russia after two months of fires have declared an emergency, but the logistics of reaching the fires to extinguish them is difficult, as it will be in the Amazon, if they declare an emergency.

It is important to remember that fires are good for nature, ashes are very nutritious for life to flourish, but the current spate of fires need to be controlled. To put out the fires it costs countries a lot of money, but the logistics of these fires also make them very hard to tackle. The global cost of these fires could be huge, causing concerns about:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Low air quality
  • Increase of Carbon Monoxide
  • Global food shortages
  • Price of food increases
  • Soot falling in the Artic speeding up the rate at which snow and ice melt.
  • Sea levels rise
  • Global temperature increases
  • Loss of life

The UK is tiny compared to countries like Russia, China and America. America have already recognised they have climate change refugees. People who have had to be relocated because the land they live on is being submerged by sea water. America is tracking how much land they have lost to the sea. shows you what they have tracked and how they are tackling local projects and communities. If you’re interested in seeing what’s happening in the UK and what strategies are being considered have a look at this:

Science states that urgent action is now needed to avert a global disaster. Politics will be discussing these matters at G7 in France 24-26th August 2019. As with all things in politics action can seem to be quite slow particularly when these countries do not form part of the 2019 G7 summit. Follow the details of the summit here No doubt the media will provide the key highlights from this event or you can catch up with some of the live streaming on the website.

Science is also the key to help us move forward in these challenging times. There are lots of scientific projects that occur in the background that don’t always get news coverage. One example was on the news today, 23rd August 2019, to show that 33 meters below street level produce is grown. You can even take tours and buy their produce.

How can you make a positive impact?

Our modern lives demand quite a lot of the earth’s resources and the more we consume the worse the impact, unless we make significant changes to stop this. There are many ways to make an impact.

  • Consume less – September see Oxfam introducing campaign to reduce the amount of clothes we buy.
  • Eat less
  • Reduce your travel, for example, work from home once a week, reduce your foreign travel.
  • What energy sources do you use at home? Can you switch to a company that uses more renewable energy? use 100% renewable energy.


What is in store for the future?

She may not be old enough to lead a government but Greta Thunberg is an inspiration for us all. We can all follow her lead and make changes. Check her out on Instagram @gretathunberg and you can follow her current journey across the Atlantic.

Sign a petition – there are plenty out there on which one you use is up to you. And if the right is not there, why not create one.

If you feel passionately about something why not get involved with your local community or government. Action speaks louder than words and we need people to carry that passion and implement change. To see how you can get involved with check out


March this year had had two dates dedicated to women: International women’s day and Mother’s day. A great way to remember and honour inspirational women who have inspired you, whether that is someone widely recognised or whether this is someone close to home, an everyday hero.

I find inspiration from various people on a daily basis, and it might even inspire me to do something stupid, like getting up early to practise hula hooping! I can think of at least four inspirations this month. Four inspirations in two categories: exercise and rubbish.

Inspiration 1 – Plastic

Plastic is so embedded in our culture. Stop for a moment and just look down at where you are and notice what items are plastic…

I’m at my desk at home and I can see a biro, lipsalve, notebook, phone cover and storage, all of which have an element of plastic.

I am aware of plastic and its impact on the environment, but that is not enough, I need to make some permanent changes to make an impact. Make-up has been one area I struggle with, to be fair, a lot of the stuff I buy last’s for ages, but that doesn’t make up for the zillions of years it takes for plastic to be broken down!

Looking at has provided me with some ideas and brands that I can try out. Check out Sophie’s website, she has done all the research so you only have to stop at her website for ideas and inspiration. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recommendations, and I’ll regularly check in for inspiration and reminders.

You might not have the time or inclination to make a huge change, but even if it’s one tiny change, every little helps.

N.B. If you are going to make a big change please, please don’t throw everything out to start afresh, make use of everything you have and make those small changes, that way the effect will become a habit and it will likely be a lifetime change. So many people start afresh, but that also becomes part of the problem.

Thank you Sophie for your inspiration!


Inspiration 2 – Rubbish

Speaking of throwing things out. Not everything ends up in a bin, sometimes it ends up in your garden or in the park where you take your kids and dogs for walks. Some people are completely oblivious to bins and seem to think this planet is big enough to hide all of our sins. Rubbish seems to be caught up everywhere, it floats around and is often visible out of the corner of your eye. Inspiration number two comes from seeing a local resident start her own litter pick one day and sharing how much she had collected in a short time. Just in time for Keep Britain tidy which runs from 22nd March to 23rd April this year. I’m joining a group on Saturday, it will be good to be part of a team effort, and hopefully make a bigger impact. Look out for community events, what a better time to be part of a spring clean. The cleaner our green spaces are, the more likely it will stay tidy.

Thank you Vici for your inspiration!


Inspiration 3 – Hula Hooping

I’ve always loved the idea of hula hooping but I’ve been particularly rubbish at it. One summer I combined a mini morning workout of skipping and hula, I spent more time picking up the hula hoop! Inspiration came from an older client who is brilliant at hula and we had a little practice before class one day. It inspired me to start up my outdoor skipping and hula morning workout again, better now the mornings are warmer and lighter.

Thank you Christine for your inspiration!


Inspiration 4 – Cycling

And finally…back in 2012 I felt inspired to cycle to Box Hill, I never made it, but I was cycling to work on a regular basis, so it was a start. After having a conversation with another regular class member about cycling outdoors I mentioned my target of Box Hill and committed to achieving this target by September!

Never commit to things publicly unless you’re serious!

I took my bike for a service at Cycle Power in Worcester park who did a great job. My bike always rides beautifully after it’s been in.  In fact they turned it around in time for a nice little warm up ride on Sunday, the first proper ride of the year. The Box Hill route is a 22 mile round trip, which doesn’t sound much, but there are quite a few steep hills along the way. I managed just 16 miles on Sunday which I thought was ok for a first ride out. Looking forward the view on Box Hill soon.

Thank you Janice for your inspiration!


I love chatting to people and hearing their stories, and I love that my job means I meet such a variety of people. Thank you to all the women who have inspired me this month and every day! Who has been your inspiration of the day, week, month or year?